What To Feed Your Cat

The first thing that you need to keep in mind when it comes to making sure that your cat is happy and healthy is that it needs a varied and balanced diet. Cats are carnivores, which means that they need protein which is found in meat. Some cats can be fussy but most of them enjoy fish, rabbit, chicken, lamb and beef.

You get what you pay for and it is advisable to spend a decent amount on cat food because the cheaper ones tend to be quite poor in quality. There are two forms of cat food, pate style and chunks style. While you should always look at the nutritional value of the food, the choice is ultimately based on what texture your cat prefers. It is a good idea to offer variation in the flavors to ensure that the cat does not get bored and that it also gets the vitamins that it needs.

You can also supplement their diet with kitty biscuits but resist the temptation to feed them a biscuit exclusive diet as this can cause them to gain excessive weight and can lead to obesity and other health problems. It is a good idea to purchase metabolic biscuits if your cat has a tendency to pile on the weight. While some cat owners believe in raw diets, this can lead to the cat contracting intestinal worms, which can be unpleasant to deal with. You should also avoid giving cats any human food sauces as they are too salty for their metabolisms to deal with.

On the other hand, it is fine to give them plain cooked meats or fish but be warned – they will not leave you alone at dinner time if you encourage them with human food. Cats love jerky treats which you can find in pet stores and supermarkets.