Rescue Cat Or Pure Breed?

One of the first question you need to ask yourself when thinking about getting a cat is whether you want to get a pure breed, or whether you want to get one from a rescue shelter. The rewards of getting a rescue cat are not only limited to the feelgood factor of doing a good deed, but also to health and hardiness of the animal.

What any prospective cat owner needs to realise is that with pure breeds, there is a danger of genetic illness or ailments being passed down the line. Persian cats, for example, often develop respiratory issues due to the fact that they have been bred specifically to have a squashed face. Their long fur can also become very matted and can cause them pain if they are not groomed regularly.

Siamese cats, bred for their energetic disposition, can often develop obsessive compulsive disorder which can go undetected. The fact of the matter is that purebred cats are closely related and this can lead to inbreeding. All these problems can be averted by getting a street cat rescue from a shelter. Because street cats are not selectively bred, they do not possess bad gene traits and are the product of natural selection.

The fact that homeless cats breed as they see fit can also lead to some striking coats of fur with gorgeous patterns. Besides, if you decide to adopt a street cat or kitten, you are saving the life of an animal that would otherwise have spent its life on the streets, in captivity in a shelter or even put down. Most shelters will have vaccinated the animals against feline flu and many also operate on a policy of mandatory desexing. Usually, they will ask for a small donation, but what is that against the love of a new companion?