Never Declaw A Cat

One of the most cruel and painful things you can do to a cat is to have its claws removed. Think about it… would you like it if someone sedated you and surgically removed your finger and toe nails? No, you wouldn’t.

Removing a cat’s claws takes away the very essence of what a cat is… a predatory, yet domesticated animal. Cats do have it in their nature to scratch on things, but if you as an owner understand why they do it, you can take measures to prevent it. A cat will normally scratch at things when its claws are too long, or when the outer husk needs to be shed.

You can buy nail clippers and use a reward system with treats so the cat will allow you to trim them. Alternatively, you can wrap the cat in a towel and get someone else to trim them while you hold them.

You can get the cat to extend the claw by applying a little pressure to the paw pad. Always remember to not clip too far down as this will cause pain and bleeding. Never cut down to the pink colored part, only the white.

You can also get a scratching post which is usually made out of rope wrapped around a wooden post. A good tip is to place the post next to the item of furniture that the cat tends to go for. It is important to replace the post when it begins to unravel because the cat will no longer be attracted to it. Some cat owners keep multiple posts around the house and you can even make your own. If you can, let the cat out as this will lead to hunting and scratching on outdoor objects which will lead to natural shedding. You can also keep an outdoor mat in the house.