Maine Coons – The Doglike Cats

Maine Coons are the largest cat breed in the world and believe it or not, a particularly fine specimen can be up to a meter in length from nose to the tip of the tail.

The Coon was introduced to the state of Maine in the 1900s, but nobody really knows how they actually got there. They were not bred from scratch and it is believed that they were introduced from elsewhere in North America, possible through cross breeding with wild cats. Other stories refer to a ship captain from England who kept cats aboard his ships. His surname was Coon and when in the ports of Maine, the cats would cross-breed with the local feline population and the long-haired kittens were referred to as Coon’s cats. Other stories are even more far fetched, suggesting that raccoons bred with cats to produce the Coon breed.

The Coon is the state cat of Maine, in the United States and was almost bred out as the turn of the 20th century saw it falling out of favor and losing out to long haired breeds such as the Persian.

Coons were always valued for their hunting abilities and the fact that they were a large cat made them more adept at tackling any pests that might have been around, such as large rats or other mammals that could make their way into rural homes and spoil grain or worry other animals outside.

That being said, the Maine Coon is known to be a goofy, playful and lovable cat that enjoys human company and interaction. Many people, especially Coon owners, say that these cats have a dog-like personality. They are big animals and a health male can weight up to 8 kilograms. They have a long coat which requires regular grooming. They make lovely pets, but you have to give them a lot of time and affection.