Letting Your Cat Out Of The House

Some cats are happy to sit at home and will not leave the house, even if the door to the back garden or a window is left open. There are others though, that are more adventurous and need to get out of the house. Interesting studies that have shown that some cats can wander up to five kilometers a day. If your cat does need outside time and you need to leave a window open or get a cat – flap installed, it might also be a good idea to log into Holm Security to get an idea of what you can do to protect your home in the event of an intruder breaking in.

The studies that were carried out on cats showed that their wanderings did not take them in one direction and that they would roam about their neighborhoods at random – often with patterns being influenced by the presence of other cats and dogs. Cats will normally prow to the limits of their territory, but unlike dogs, will not intrude on other cats’ patches, especially if scent markers have been put down.

If it is mating season and the animal has not been de-sexed, then their wanderings will take them even further as they seek potential mates. It is a good idea to get your cat de-sexed. If it is a male, it will help with any destructive behavior, and if it is a female, it will obviously remove the risk of her becoming pregnant and having a litter of kittens.

Whether or not you should let your cat out is a decision that only you can take. Some cats are more streetwise than others and will know how to navigate through people and especially traffic. If you think that your cat is happier animal if allowed to roam, then you should let them do so.