Cats Are The Superstars Of The Internet

Cats are the stars of the internet. With their hilarious antics and propensity to get themselves into awkward and difficult situations, they are internet gold. Not a day goes by without some cat getting up to some mischief on social media.

People upload videos to Instagram and Facebook and the following that cats get is just incredible. Many people also write blogs about their cats, and some even do it in the first person. Some have even turned it into a viable business and to increase traffic, you should read more about to get a better idea of what you should and should not do to maximize hits, likes and engagement, if you want to get the best possible results.

But back to cats and their antics and the internet’s obsession with them. Research has shown that cats’ biggest audience demographic on the internet is females aged between 16-30. The male to female audience margin is not that huge, with most platforms reporting that it is split at about 60% female and 40% male.

Something does seem to click with men and cats though, and again, this could be influenced by the female demographic. Women like cats and they like men, so what could be more appealing than watching videos of the two together? Add a beard to the mix, and hey, you are onto a winner and could very well have the next viral sensation!

Cats are super cute, and more often than not you will be able to capture some great footage of them doing their thing, without having to stage anything. They are curious, and if you just watch them closely, enough they will get up to something that will make you laugh. Do resist the temptation to scare them, it is not fair on the animals and they get very stressed when frightened.