Can You Tame A Feral Cat?

Cats take a long time to trust people. It can take weeks or months to even coax a cat to come and eat from your hand. Many people think that it is impossible to fully tame or domesticate a feral or stray cat.

The truth is that it is hard, but it is certainly doable – even though it might take you a year to actually get it into your house. If it is a kitten, it is a different story all together and provided that it is less than a year old, you should be able to take it straight into your house and get it settled. Litter training at a young age is also not a problem; just pop the youngster into a litter tray and it should get the hang of things straight away.

With an older cat, things are a bit different. If you really want to take the animal in off the streets, you must first start to feed it. You can leave cat biscuits out for it, and gradually move them close to your front door. That way, the cat will very slowly begin to trust that you are not going to harm it. Eventually, you can start leaving the food at the front door. From there, the next step is to be present while the cat is eating the food.

The animal might be skittish at first, but it will eventually learn to trust that you will not harm it while it is eating. Once it is comfortable with that, you can try to start to feed it by hand. When it accepts to eat from your hand, the bond should be complete and you can then let it into the house. This could take a while and you must remember that not all cats will learn to live indoors. Tamed feral cats normally need an outside environment that they can turn to.